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My opinion on Ezria.

Alright, so I’ve seen posts around about people wanting them back together, that they’re gonna be back together this is just another bump in the road, so on. 


A healthy relationship should be mainly focused on the happiness of the couple and the trust.Do you think that years of lies, years of fake trust, that Aria is just going to go back to Ezra? No. 

He wrote all her secrets down. He wrote everything about her own life down. For a book. When he was done, he would probably tell Aria, but still, he wrote it down. What if someone found that book before she knew? Everything would be gone, all because he wanted to write this book. He lied to her. He knew who she was before he met her. It’s like he set all this up. He was so happy when he noticed her sitting in that bar that day, and spoke up. Once he had her in that bathroom, he knew he was going to get all the information he had yet to know. All the secrets. All the lies they told. Everything. Nothing better than knowing information from others than knowing it from the person who was involved. She was in love with him, and she told him almost everything. Yeah, she kept the -A thing from him, but all the liars are doing this for their own safety. There’s a difference between lying for safety and lying for your own personal bonus. 

Anyway, that’s my long opinion on Ezria and I’m obviously not expecting everyone to agree, especially all those that love them, just wanted to say it. 



Shay Mitchell // Canadian problems.


i miss toby

i miss spoby

i miss jason


good thing melissa is back tomorrow at least

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Secrets aren’t just secrets. They’re weapons. Things you keep in your pocket till you need them.

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Describe the finale in one word:

Ashley Benson: “Crazy”
Shay Mitchell: “Insane… intense, epic, awesome, amazing, my favorite…”
Troian Bellisario: “Answers”
Lucy Hale: “Gratifying and confusing. Gratifying because there are so many questions that are answered that I personally wanted to be answered since season one. And it’s confusing because obviously there’s new mysteries that arise.”
Ian Harding: “Heart-wrenching”
Sasha Pieterse: “Very satisfying”
Marlene King: “Shocking answers”
Janel Parrish: “Answers”
Keegan Allen: “Shocking”
Oliver Goldstick: “Jaw-dropping”
Joseph Dougherty: “Revelatory”

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